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Well, because Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are the funnest subjects in school!

Okay. There are other things to consider:

  • 1 in 4 jobs in America is a STEM job.

  • STEM jobs are growing 4x faster than all other jobs.

  • STEM jobs pay significantly more than many other jobs.

  • There is a shortage of over 3 million STEM workers.

  • A recent Gallup poll showed that 63% of female students and 85% of male students are interested in a STEM career.

However, a couple of things discourage students from STEM:

  • 60% of students don't enjoy studying STEM subjects.

  • 57% of female students and 38% of male students in the study stated, "I don't think I would be good at STEM."

Of course, students don't enjoy studying STEM when it's worksheets and other stay-at-your-desk activities. The above photo is of my previous third grade class. We learned about the science of kinetic motion by using simple materials to build self-powered vehicles. There was also a lot of math involved as we measured distances and designed improvements. The students encouraged each other as they worked in teams and cheered for every project to be successful. Each team did a write-up of their project, and we published it for the whole school to read. That's how we do STEM at Orchard STEM School!

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